TRUE Memberships

Our memberships offer a range of benefits and services, ensuring that you receive the highest level of care and attention. Whether you’re seeking preventive care, essential medical services, or a natural approach to wellness, we have a membership plan for you.

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Take an active role in your health, prioritize preventive care, and have access to various healthcare services and wellness treatments.

TRUE Essential Membership

$ 79 Monthly
  • 2 Services
  • Access to Primary Care
  • Exclusive Discounts

TRUE Prevention Membership

$ 149 Monthly
  • 3 Services
  • Access to Primary Care
  • 10% Discounts on Select Services
  • Annual Exam

TRUE Lifestyle Membership

$ 399 Monthly
  • 4+ Services
  • Access to Primary Care
  • 20% Discount on Select Services
  • Annual Regenerative Injection
  • Annual Exam, Blood Work, & X-Rays
$1,200 Value

TRUE Essential Membership

TRUE Essential Membership is designed for individuals who want access to primary care and occasional wellness treatments at an affordable price. Experience peace of mind with essential health services designed to keep you covered whenever you need it most.

TRUE Prevention Memberships

TRUE Prevention Membership allows you to unlock the power of prevention and take control of your health. This comprehensive membership empower you to manage chronic conditions, maintain your well-being, and embrace  proactive lifestyle. Stay ahead of the game with our exceptional preventative care.

TRUE Lifestyle Membership

TRUE Lifestyle Membership is a revolutionary approach to healthcare that surpasses traditional insurance plans. Designed to optimize well-being and promote longevity, our membership offers unparalleled value that goes beyond mere coverage. With a fraction of insurance premium costs, members gain access to a superior healthcare plan that extends to the whole family. Unlock exclusive discounts on high-level services and enjoy the expertise of an elite medical team specializing in natural care.

TRUE Alignment Memberships

Seek care with a focus on chiropractic and soft tissue treatments.

TRUE Alignment Membership

$ 149 Monthly
  • 2 Adjustments
  • 2 Soft Tissue Therapies
  • 10% Discount on Select Services

TRUE Alignment + Membership

$ 299 Monthly
  • 4 Adjustments
  • 4 Soft Tissue Therapies
  • 10% Discount on Select Services

TRUE Alignment Memberships

TRUE Alignment Membership offers a powerful approach to optimal well-being, emphasizing the importance of balance and alignment for a healthier life. Using chiropractic adjustments and soft tissue therapy, this membership plan aims to realign your body, reduce discomfort, and promote overall wellness. Take advantage of our TRUE Alignment + membership for more extensive care.

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