Patient Stories

“When I started at True Health, I had lots of random aches and pains that I couldn’t explain. I started off with just doing injections and could almost immediately tell a difference in how I felt. After a few months I began a program involving nutrition assistance, chiropractic adjustments, and massage therapy. These further improved the way that I was feeling. I can tell that the staff at True Health Medical actually care about my progress and how I am feeling each and every day.”

Ceci C. | August 2021

“I was overwhelmed with how well I was treated and respected. Every staff member I dealt with treated me as if I was an old friend. They took a genuine interest in helping me fix what was broken and did it all in the most genuine and professional manner. I felt better leaving that place then I did going in and it was only a consultation…. Highly recommend that anyone looking to avoid a costly surgery and lengthy rehab go here first. Even if you can’t start a program it’s always nice to go somewhere and be treated with kindness and respect.”

Kyle K. | June 2021

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