Job Title : Medical Office Receptionist

Full/Paid Time Off: Full-Time

Job Description

If you like rapid growth and working with enthusiastic team members to improve patient’s quality of life, you’ll enjoy your career with us!

Position Summary:

TRUE Diabetes Neuropathy and Wound Solutions, an Arizona based company, is looking for an enthusiastic professional that is self-motivated, kind, caring and enjoys sales.

Values – Inspiration, Transparency, Results, Alignment, Accountability and Discipline.


  • Medical Benefits
  • Vacation/Sick Time
  • Vacation/Sick Time
  • Work Schedule: Monday-Thursday (10 hour days) – 3 day weekends!
  • Dress Code – Business Casual

Performance Objectives:

  • Greeting patients
  • Collecting demographic for input/ or confirming they are up to date
  • Basic initial billing and insurance verifications
  • Collecting fees, and co-pays
  • Guiding people toward becoming a patient
  • Educating patients on products and services
  • Help patients complete intake paperwork.
  • Handling phone calls for the office inbound, and outbound
  • Scheduling patients/ Managing office schedule.
  • Giving office tours
  • Some basic office cleaning.
  • Ability to communicate proficiently and diffuse potentially disruptive situations.
  • Position will also be cross trained in other departments as a back up
  • Perform other assigned duties as needed

Capabilities/Key Competencies:

  • Patient
  • Assertive
  • Critical Thinking
  • Problem Solving
  • Passion/Drive for Health/Wellness and office success
  • Fast Learner
  • Able to multi-task
  • Creative
  • Flexible
  • Team Player
  • Must have excellent communication skills
  • Must have excellent interpersonal skills and customer service skills
  • Proficiency in MS Word, MS Excel, MAC Applications, Microsoft Applications
  • Experience using EHR – Electronic Health Records software
  • Understand, believe, and communicate our mission, vision, and values
  • Ability to define and take massive action to accomplish your own personal, professional, and financial goals
  • Practice-Based Learning and Improvement: This competency emphasizes continuous learning and self-improvement. Medical professionals should actively seek knowledge, critically evaluate their performance, and adapt their practices based on evidence and experience1.
  • Patient Care and Procedural Skills: Providing excellent patient care is at the heart of medical practice. Competence in clinical skills, diagnosis, treatment, and procedures ensures optimal patient outcomes. It involves empathy, effective communication, and clinical judgment1.
  • Systems-Based Practice: Understanding the broader healthcare system is crucial. Professionals need to work effectively within healthcare teams, navigate administrative processes, and advocate for patient safety and quality improvement. This competency considers the impact of healthcare policies, economics, and resource allocation1.
  • Medical Knowledge: A solid foundation in medical science, pathophysiology, pharmacology, and evidence-based medicine is essential. Professionals must stay updated with the latest research and guidelines to provide accurate diagnoses and effective treatments1.
  • Interpersonal and Communication Skills: Effective communication with patients, families, colleagues, and other healthcare providers is vital. Active listening, empathy, cultural competence, and clear explanations contribute to positive patient experiences and better outcomes1.
  • Professionalism: This competency encompasses ethical behavior, integrity, and accountability. Medical professionals must demonstrate respect, compassion, honesty, and sensitivity toward diverse patient populations. They are accountable not only to patients but also to colleagues and society as a whole1.

Education & Experience:

  • Front Desk / Medical office experience is necessary.
  • HIPPA compliance experience is required.
  • Sales Experience is preferred.
  • EHR – Electronic Health Records software

Physical Requirements:

  • Able to stand/sit for extended periods of time.
  • Able to lift/carry 20+ lbs

Commitment To Diversity: TRUE Diabetes Neuropathy and Wound Solutions, is an equal opportunity employer committed to meeting the needs of a multigenerational and multicultural workforce. We recognizes that a diverse staff, reflective of our community, is an integral and welcome part of a successful and ethical business, we hire local talent at all levels regardless of race, color, religion, age, national origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, or disability, and actively foster inclusion in all forms both within our company and across interactions with clients, candidates and partners.

About TRUE Diabetes Neuropathy & Wound Solutions:

At TRUE we are passionate about changing lives and the face of health care! Our qualified team of diabetes and wound care specialists use the latest medical advances to treat the problem’s source and offer the patients lasting solutions. We strive to be the most effective, with the least invasive methods for a safe treatment plan. We encourage our patients every step through their personalized health care plan. This means that as a team we put into practice what we recommend. A passion and drive for health and wellness is a MUST! We have a family oriented, energetic, and passionate culture which our patients noticeably see our team LOVE being part of! Our team members are knowledgeable and have the drive to want to succeed and grow both in personal and professional settings. We take time monthly to set and review progress towards all our team members’ PPF (personal – professional – financial) goals. That is just a small part of what separates us from most employers.

Salary Range: $18 to $23 per hour

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