Sport Injury

Often times people referring to a star athlete as “soft” (meaning wimpy) are when they are sitting on the bench due to an injury. They quickly change their tune when its them with a back, knee or ankle injury and realize its hard to perform daily activities let alone compete with the worlds greatest athletes.


There is nothing worse than not being your best at the sport you love due to an injury. The competition is getting stronger and we need every advantage we can get when it comes to competing and performing at the highest level. Don’t play through an injury as this can further damage your body and slow down the recovery time. Let True Health Medical diagnose, and put together a treatment plan that is right for you, and will help you perform better than you thought possible.


Often patients or parents of an athlete will ask if it is necessary to take a break from sports in order to recover from an injury. The correct answer to that is, it always depends on the type of injury. The only way to answer that question is on a personal basis and obviously is a case by case situation.


Our passion is help you get healthy as soon as possible. Many times we are able to put together a program that will allow you to get results without missing practice or a competition. However, there are times and reasons that avoiding situations that will aggravate your condition are necessary. We can only promise, that after a careful examination and proper imaging and or other diagnostic screenings we will give you a true and honest opinion about what is the best course of action.


We also offer nutrition consultations for our patients to help you not just get healthier but improve performance on and off the field. There are some amazing supplements that can help build muscle, increase stamina and speed up the body’s ability to heal. All of which are legal and non-steroidal options.


We look forward to meeting you and helping you experience True Health.


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