The body is the most complex program in the world. Each ailment you experience is a part of a complex network of systems. Because of this, we take into account all of your symptoms when assessing you and examine the whole.

At True Health Medical, we believe that we are what medicine should be. Effective, realistic, and sustainable change. We provide the real solutions to your problems with our comprehensive and individualized solutions.

True Health Medical is a full service integrated Family Practice and Physical Medicine Clinic. We specialize in Head, Shoulders, Knees' & Spine issues and everything in-between. Our team of Doctors and staff meet twice a day to discuss each patient that is being seen that day. We feel being of one mind in treating our patients is what creates the best of care for our amazing clients. We also treat anxiety, depression, allergies and much more. What sets us apart from our competition is our extremely friendly staff, patient education and the results we achieve with our programs. We spend time to teach our patients what true health is and we outline an individual plan to help them achieve their best. When you understand what's wrong and what it takes to correct the underlying concerns patients will commit to a treatment plan that not only gets them feeling better fast but will allow them to remain symptom free for a much longer period of time. Some of the techniques we focus on in our clinic include: Trigger Point Injections Spinal Decompression Digital Pulse Analysis (Complete Cardiovascular Evaluation) Deep Muscle Stimulation Acupuncture Gentle Chiropractic Adjustments Allergy treatments DMS Massage Nutrition Body Mass Index Doctor Supervised Weight-loss Programs And much, much more...